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Your Gift Will Be Matched Up To $10,000 By Justice Federal Credit Union

Your donation will help reduce hardship and improve the lives of Members and their families within the justice and law enforcement community.
It Means The World To Us And Says The World About You.

Our Mission

The Justice Federal Credit Union Foundation was founded with a mission to offer programs and engage in charitable activities that promote education, recognize professional excellence and caring for others, reduce hardship, and improve the lives of Justice Federal Credit Union Members; and members and their families within affiliated law enforcement and criminal justice organizations, nonprofit associations; and the greater justice and law enforcement community.

Ways to Donate*

Support the Justice Federal Credit Union Foundation by making a donation. The Foundation could not exist without the generosity of its donors and partners.


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Are You Thinking of Using Your RMD for Charitable Giving?

If you are over the age of 70 ½, the government requires you to take annual distributions (withdrawals) from your retirement account—a provision known as the required minimum distribution (RMD). Up to $100,000 of your annual RMD from IRAs may be distributed directly to a qualified 501(c) (3) organization, enabling you to avoid paying income taxes on that amount. This option is known as a qualified charitable distribution (QCD).


Our Pillars

The Foundation’s Core Pillars are to promote education, reduce hardship, and provide In Memorial grants for the justice and law enforcement community.

Promote Education

pillar Promote Education

We are committed to promoting education by offering scholarships for educational and professional development to Members and their families.

Reduce Hardship

pillar Reduce Hardship

Sometimes it seems impossible to overcome life challenges. We provide grants to reduce hardship and improve the lives of Members and their families who through no fault of their own have experienced injury, illness, catastrophic life event, or natural disaster.


In Memorial Grants

pillar In Memorial Grants

We provide in memorial grants in support of law enforcement killed in the line of duty, and offer assistance to their families and co-workers left behind to cope with their tragic loss.


In Their Own Words...

 A Justice Federal Member and former State Police Trooper with a Presidential commendation had his livelihood impacted by a health condition that unfortunately affected his ability to earn a living for his family. The Foundation approved a hardship grant to assist his family by easing their bill paying monthly stress, providing essentials, and moving them towards financial stability.

“From the bottom of my heart, I extend my sincerest gratitude to each person who played a part in making this happen. My family and I will be forever grateful to each of you. I declare that I won’t be in this place long: therefore, in the future I too will be donating to this awesome fund to better someone else’s life.” — Harold

 Larry, a long-time Member of Justice Federal Credit Union has a handicap that makes it very difficult for him to work a routine job. The Foundation approved a hardship grant to assist him in obtaining a used car that provides the transportation he needs to best support himself.

“…I have been thinking about the grant that the JFCU Foundation has gifted me. I am truly thankful for the grant. I appreciate what the JFCU Foundation is doing for me. The grant will help me to better my current situation. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the grant. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart… the JFCU Foundation has been a blessing to me and my family. Thank you, God Bless.” — Larry

 “When I thought of how much good the JFCU Foundation will do to promote education and reduce hardship for members of the law enforcement and justice communities in the years ahead, I felt it was important to make a donation to get in on the ground floor and help get it started.” — Greg & Marilyn Polonica

 "It is a privilege to be one of the Founders of the Justice Federal Credit Union Foundation. Just as the Credit Union proudly serves the financial needs of the law enforcement community, the Foundation serves to assist Members and their families who through no fault of their own have experienced injury, illness, a catastrophic life event or natural disaster with hardship grants. The Foundation is a noble and worthy non-profit organization, dedicated to the support of our law enforcement community. I hope you will consider a contribution to our Foundation today.” — Tom Wiseman, FBI, retired



Supporting the Justice Community


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